Grow Globe Project

The Grow Globe Project is an inspirational growing sculpture that both functions and inspires. We will be building and installing them in communities to be a resource for fresh herbs and produce and to bring in a tourist attraction for communities trying to rebrand themselves. Our goal is to engage local students in the process to teach them growing food can be exciting, inspiring, and fun.

Taste of Eden Market

The Taste of Eden Market is a one of a kind virtual farmers’ market. The Farmer sets their own prices and the shopper gets to visit many farms through one site. It is as if you could visit your local farmers market 24/7. Check out the store today:

Kukla Tower Project

This North Chicago Housing authority project is a 2000 sqft. shared garden space for the 98 residents. Along with fresh food this project, we have helped bring back the joy of gardening that the residents experienced in their youth. Using our Back to Eden method also makes the work substantially easier and more enjoyable. 

Beacon Place Project

Beacon Place engages 100’s of families, serving meals to over 300 neighborhood kids over the summer. They also have a full barrage of programs that fill the gaps from the school system, such as tutoring and mentoring. We will be helping them turn a 13,500 sqft lot into a neighborhood micro-farm to help their kids learn nutrition, independence and sustainability.

Lot Reclamation Project

The Lot Reclamation Project is at the core of the Eden Restoration Project mission. We look for lots that are privately owned, city owned, or just abandoned and we offer to grow food on it. Conversion from a field of grass, to a growing paradise takes little time. With our wood chip growing model, we do NOT need to till or disturb the ground that is already there. We bring in ground cover, using wood chips and wood mulch, and we cover the existing ground. No need to worry about weeds or environmental hazards. We can even convert a parking lot and start growing food on it in less than a week.

North Chicago Commons

At the corner of Arrington and Dugdale in North Chicago, IL is one of the most ambitious Communty Garden Projects in the United States. 13.5 acres total, the hope of this project is to engage 100’s of North Chicago families in growing their own fresh organic food. This project is in conjunction with the Growing Healthy Veterans team and the City of North Chicago.

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