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The Eden Restoration Project is a simple concept: Grow More Food.
Through our programs we are challenging the current food distribution model.
We install community free access food gardens. We teach how to easily grow food with little resources.
We are teaching how to harvest seeds and be creative in growing food.
We have established an online Farmer’s Market that opens access to anyone that would rather buy
local healthy produce from their local farms than food that is void of taste and nutrition and travels thousands of miles.

Our current industrial food system is detrimental to the planet. We can do better.
There are people hungry, while millions of pounds of food get thrown away. We can do better.
We dump tons of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers all over our Earth. We can do better.
We decimate rivers and lakes to irrigate for cattle and crops. We can do better.
The ERP is that attempt…To do better.
So come join us. Help us do better. Learn how to do better. Teach us how to do better.

Grow Globe Project

The Grow Globe Project is an inspirational growing sculpture that uses a vertical growing structure that both functions
and inspires.

Taste of Eden Market

Launched in February of 2020, this is our digital Farmers Market. You can buy local grown foods and have them delivered to your door. Check it out today:

Kukla Tower Project

This North Chicago Housing authority project will be started in the Fall of 2018 and be ready for planting by early 2019.

Beacon Place Project

Beacon Place engages 100’s of families, serving meals to over 300 neighborhood kids over the summer.

Lot Reclamation Project

The Lot Reclamation Project is at the core of the Eden Restoration Project mission. We look for lots that are owned or just abandoned and we offer to grow food on it.

North Chicago Commons

One of the most ambitious community garden projects in the country. This 13.5 acre project is being done in conjunction with Growing Healthy Veterans and the City of North Chicago.

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