About Us

The Eden Restoration Project was formed in 2018 to solve a simple problem. How do we get more fresh food to our community? The solution, wasn’t as simple. We discovered that “fresh” didn’t mean the same thing to everyone. “Fresh” food in the store could be GMO, contain pesticide residues, ecoli, be radiated, or just plain old and stale. Growing our own food seemed the only way.

So we started with the simple idea of finding space and growing food. Many of the sites we found had little to no water, and we couldn’t gurantee volunteer participation. That is when we found the Back To Eden Growing method which solved many of our water and weeding issues. (see below for more info)

Since those first meetings, we’ve moved over 500 yards of mulch, partnered with a half dozen community organizations, helped convert or start 12 communty gardens with over 17 acres of potential growing space. Not bad for year one.

We are now a registered 501(c)(3) in the State of IL and we are looking for partners to help us keep growing more food. If you have a green thumb (or a desire to learn) and want to participate in the fresh food revolution, please contact us immediately. We would love to work with you.

Education. Inspiration. Community.

These are the core passions behind our growing projects. Anyone can grow food, but how many focus in using it to bring the community together? At the Eden Restoration Project, we know that food is the great uniter. Food brings people together and fosters a sense of security, health, and togetherness. If we can inspire communities to work together for their own greater stability, then we’ve done our job.

The ERP has over a dozen projects under management and in development throughout Eastern Lake County. We will be launching our Grow Globe Project in North Chicago in 2019. We have partnered with a half dozen local organizations as growing partners to help foster our mission of access to healthy food for all.

Why Wood Chips?

We are taking direction from Paul Gautschi, a life long farmer and pursuer of truth. His Back To Eden film teaches us all how we should be growing food and why we should be using wood chips. It heals the soil, provides nutrition, decreases watering needs, helps control pests and weeds.

But you have to use them right!
Don’t till them into the soil. Don’t expect to plant into the woodchips day one. Don’t put them too thin. And don’t use the store bought spray painted garbage.

A big part of our mission is to educate as well as inspire. Growing food doesn’t have to be a burden. It should be a joy. If you aren’t having fun, you might just be doing it wrong.

To learn more watch Paul’s free online move here: www.backtoedenfilm.com. (If you want to work with us, watching this movie is a must).

How Can We Be of Service?

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